Natural Botanical Ingredients

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Natural Botanical Ingredients

You might have heard about Botanical ingredients and wonder what they are. Often, people confuse botanical ingredients with natural ingredients. The truth is natural ingredients can differ from botanical ingredients in some ways. Natural can mean anything. Whereas botanicals specifically refer to plants. It is a substance in plants used or added to a product. Products that claim to be natural do not always guarantee that their ingredients are 100% natural. The word “natural” has been misused by many companies nowadays. A product to be 100% natural must not have synthetic ingredients, artificial additives, or preservatives. Nevertheless, many products that claim to be natural contain some of these additives.

What Are Natural Botanical Ingredients?

Confusing right? Does it sound refreshing to the ears? The phrase — “natural botanical ingredients” will give you the idea that the ingredients literally and genuinely came from mother earth. The product that uses natural botanical ingredients means that all of its components are derived solely from plants. It could be fresh, dried flowers, leaves, roots, and barks. Also, it does not contain synthetic ingredients or additives. Therefore, it is good for our health and wellness. The following are examples of Natural botanical Ingredients;

— Rosehips

— grapeseed

— Aloe Vera

— Avocado

— Pomegranate

— Green tea

— chamomile

— rosemary

— Tea tree oil

— Jojoba oil

The ten plants listed above are just a few examples. There are hundreds or thousands of plant varieties that can be used for beauty and medicinal treatments. Plants used for food flavoring, fragrance, and remedies for some illnesses are herbs. Natural botanical ingredients are produced by extracting or dissolving the plant part with the help of a particular solvent. The process will separate the natural elements of the plants — which will be used for a skincare product, dietary supplements, and hair care products.

Why Choose a Product With Botanical Ingredients?

The discovery of our ancestors of the functional benefits of plants has been passed from generation to generation. It is not new to us that every plant has its unique function. That is why many treatments use natural botanical ingredients. Plants thrive even exposed to direct sunlight. Naturally, they can protect themselves from free radicals. These plants have antioxidant properties that will also work on our skin and are one reason why botanicals have become the future of the skincare industry. Aside from its antioxidant properties, some plants are effective in moisturizing and cleansing. Products like bar soaps, body wash, toners, etc., derived from the plant have made it known to the market. Aside from the natural fragrance that the consumer will enjoy, they are confident that they will get the maximum benefits from nature.

Final Words

The rise of skincare products with natural botanical ingredients increases as people become more aware of their health and wellness. People now don’t go for the effectiveness of a beauty product. They now also take into consideration safety and its health benefits. Hence, botanical ingredients don’t have chemicals or additives; they are undoubtedly safe.



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