How Working Mothers Deal With Stress

Mothers who work full time also suffer stress emotionally and physically, just like single mothers. What if you are a single mother who also works full-time? This is not a new situation. Nowadays, many single parents are juggling the responsibilities of being a mother and, at the same time, a father and a provider. We already knew that women handle stress better than men, but this does not mean that stress is less overwhelming. It is still unhealthy and can be destructive for us as it does to men. Some working mothers are just good at dealing with stress. They still perform their duty being mothers and wives even if they have full-time jobs. How do they do it?

Here Are Some Stress Management Solutions For Working Moms

Never compare your life and situation to other moms. Everyone is struggling and fighting their own battles. Always remember that. You don’t have to compare your job to other moms, or your house, or the things that other moms have. Always be thankful for what you have. Learn to prioritize your task. The biggest stressor of working mothers is multitasking. You must know what to prioritize first because doing many tasks simultaneously will also result in mistakes, which will give you stress in the future. Strive for progress, not for perfection. Do not be a perfectionist because you will only get disappointed if something does not meet your expectations. Be progressive instead. Set a specific goal. In everything that you do, always set an achievable goal. Because if you force yourself to do all the things you wanted to be done, you will accomplish nothing but end up tired. Be consistent in your tactics. Be consistent with your disciplinary tactics to your children and handle chaos in your work and home. Your children can push your button and try your patience. Be firm and show them that you are the boss when it comes to making mistakes. Establish a daily routine. If what you do every day becomes a routine, it will not be stressful for you anymore. Day by day, you will get used to your tasks, and later, you will be working on it as if it was nothing and just part of your daily routine. Take time to rest. This is very important. No matter how busy your day is, always spare time for you to rest to be energized for the next day.

To sum it all up, the secret of dealing with stress is proper time management. When you know how to manage your time, all follow smoothly. Cramming, juggling various tasks simultaneously, and wanting everything to be perfect will cause you so much stress. Learn to deal with your struggles lightly because you are not alone in this fight. You have children who love you. They are your number one support system. So, clear your mind and your job with ease and confidence.

MummyJene blog where i will write articles about beauty tips, health guide, travel hacks and many more in a working mom perspective. More at

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Mummy Jene

Mummy Jene

MummyJene blog where i will write articles about beauty tips, health guide, travel hacks and many more in a working mom perspective. More at

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