How To Motivate Your Kids To Do Their Homework

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4 min readMar 16, 2023
How To Motivate Your Kids To Do Their Homework

One of the struggles of being a parent is making our kids do their homework. It is an exhausting task, especially if our kids are still playful and focused on their studies. So this article will give you tips to motivate your kids to do their homework. Every parent wants their kids to do well in school. Naturally, we get anxious for their future, and we feel that how they do in their studies plays a significant part in their success. It is why we want them to do better in school and even with their homework. For some parents, convincing their kids to do their homework is a long battle at home. It is a matter of who controls who and who wins in the end. Some parents are not up to it and are too tired to argue and do the homework for their kids, which is very wrong. If you keep doing this, you are not helping them. Instead, you are just making your kids lazy and dependent.

So what is the best thing to do? As a parent, you should stand your ground and focus on improving your kid’s behavior. Find things to motivate them to study and do their homework. Below are the tips to motivate your kids to do homework:

Stay Focused On Your Job And Do Not Lose Control

Often, parents do their homework because our love overpowers us, and we don’t want to pressure our kids. Some parents give up the fight because they are just too tired to teach their kids. It is natural, especially for multitasking mothers. However, keeping our control will be easier if we take time to relax and make plans.

Set a Schedule For Homework

It is the first step after relaxing and getting your mind and emotion prepared. Set a time for doing homework. Talk with your child and ask them what time they would choose to do their homework. There is a time to play, rest, and of course, study. Your kids should know when is the time to focus on research or do their homework. First, you need to remind them when it’s time to study, and you should help at first. You will get used to it later on.

Rewards And Praises Are Helpful

When they do well in school, do not forget to appreciate their effort and make them feel that you are proud of them. Kids will remember this simple affection, and it will motivate them to continue what they are doing. Same with doing homework. When they finish doing their homework, make it a habit to reward them with snacks, hugs, weekend getaways, and appreciation. It is what I do with my kids, and honestly, I have no problems with their studies and homework, so I guess it is effective.

Let Them Make Their Own Choices

Include them when you make schedules for their homework. Show them that you trust them, let them decide. When they feel that you believe in them, they will do their best not to disappoint you. Anyway, they will face the consequences of their actions later on. So let them.

Let Your Kids Own The Consequences Of Their Choices

So this follows the number 4 tip. Also, if kids decide not to do their homework, let them be. They will suffer the consequences of their choice afterward. Getting a bad grade, being reprimanded by their teacher, and getting embarrassed in the class for not being the only one to submit their homework is enough punishment for them. They will not want to experience it again, this will push them to do the next given homework.

Intervene Without Getting In Control

It is okay to intervene if your kids are having difficulties in answering their homework. Our responsibility is to teach and guide them, not to own the task of doing their homework. Be patient in explaining and give praises when they get it right.

Set Punishments If They Fail To Do Their Duty

After setting schedules for homework, it is their responsibility to follow them. If they fail to do their duty more than once, parents have punishments like; no TV, cell phones for the whole day, or no playing outside with friends until they learn their mistakes. It will motivate them to remember their schedule for homework and do their task.

Teaching our kids to be responsible is also helping them to have a better future. Please do not make your kids fear you; instead, motivate them to do better after letting them suffer the consequences of their actions. Do not pressure your kids to get high grades. Understand them, help them, and let them know that they always have your support. Proper parenting and compassion for your kids are enough to make them better people in the future.



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