Causes Of Cracked Toenails And Some Home Remedies

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Causes Of Cracked Toenails And Some Home Remedies

They said that our nails reflect the kind of person we are. If your nails are always clean, then it means you are a neat person. Women tend to have cracked toenails than men. What if there are cracks in our toenails? Well, not all cracked toenails are dirty, but it sure looks untidy.

Causes Of Cracks In Toenails

Cracked toenails could result from a mere accident like bumping our feet in a hard object or surface (this frequently happens). Or mostly, it is because your nails are weak. However, there are also other reasons why there are times our nails crack easily. There is also a possibility of an underlying issue of your cracked toenails, so it is necessary to be informed and learn how to manage it. Below are the common causes of cracked toenails:

— Frequent Pedicure — acetone and nail cuticle remover makes our nails weak. Therefore, it is prone to break easily.

— Frequent Exposure to Water — if your feet are underwater, it softens the nails. Therefore, you are at greater risk of cracked toenails.

— Iron Deficiency — certain nutrients are needed for our blood and healthier nails and hair. If you are deficient in iron, cracked toenails are one of its symptoms.

— Psoriasis — this condition also affects the nails. People with psoriasis can have cracked toenails; some can have split toenails, or nails can separate their nail bed.

— Fungal Infection — can affect your toenail, especially if you have open wounds or injuries around your nails. The fungus can invade opening, causing cracked toenails and even separating the pin from its nail bed.

Home Remedies Of Cracked Toenails

- Always keep your nails clean and trimmed to avoid injury and Infection.

— If a fungal infection causes cracked toenails, ask your doctor for anti-fungal remedies.

— Keep them moisturized by applying lotion or petroleum jelly with vitamin E to seal in the moisture.

— You can also apply nail hardeners to keep them strong.

In a basin with warm water, add two tablespoons of rock salt and a few drops of lemon essential oil. Do this at least thrice a week. Taking supplements that nourish your hair and nails is also an effective preventive measure of cracked toenails. Eating healthy is also essential in maintaining the health of your hair, bones, and nails. Do not wear shoes that are exactly your size. Make an allowance so your nails will not get crushed when your front toes bang against the shoe.

Cracked toenails can affect your daily activity. It also causes discomfort when wearing shoes that can even hinder you from doing your daily routine like running. Do not ignore it if it is not painful because having it is unsightly and can be embarrassing when wearing sandals. Though cracks in toenails are not life-threatening, it is essential to know the underlying cause to get treated. So, seek for doctor’s advice if it is causing you discomfort or pain.



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